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Balance for Better

Balance for Better


AKIN ASIA, in collaboration with Teak Research, is excited to unveil the results of our research on a "Gender Balance among Female and Male Professionals in Asia Pacific" in honor of this year’s theme for International Women's Day, #BalanceforBetter, celebrated throughout March for Women's History Month.

We will host a panel discussion on how changing gender norms have both challenged and reinforced the perceived differences between men and women in the public and private sphere while also pointing towards a way forward.

About the panel
Female and male public and private sector professionals including Isabel Valle, Executive, Leadership Coach, and Founder of Global Room, Prof. Jett Pisate Virangkabutra, Assistant Professor and Director of G-lab at Thammasat University School of Global Studies, Richard Jackson, General Manager, RLC Recruitment, a leading technical recruitment agency in Thailand, and Laura Takenaka, NEM Foundation.

Our audience
A diverse group of international female and male professional working in Asia Pacific including entrepreneurs, corporate executives, designers, coaches, lawyers, journalists, marketers, event managers, models, musicians, radio hosts, activists, researchers, and more.

About the research to be presented
The research will cover three major topics relating to lives of female and male professional working in Asia Pacific: 1) changing gender norms 2) female and male role models 3) perceptions of performance and ability 4) career and family planning

Who can come
This event is open to anyone! Men are encouraged to attend and we welcome your input into the discussion!

Earlier Event: March 5