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Out of the Darkness

Exhibition by Phongsakorn Mahapaurya

Out of the Darkness

Curated by his own sister, Karn Chatikavanij, Mahapaurya's make his debut showcase as an artist. This exhibition takes us on a biographical journey through Phongsakorn’s artistic career. The works span from early notebook doodles in the early 2000s to paintings completed in the past few months. Through this progression, we can see his movements from still life and landscapes through to portraiture and figurative paintings of people in action.


Phongsakorn Mahapaurya’s
first public exhibition “Out of the Darkness”!
The works showcased have a common theme
of how important creating art is, especially during dark times. Woof Pack invited Phongsakorn to interview
about his story behinds this exhibition.

Out of the Darkness

WOOF PACK: Please introduce yourself and tell us what you’ve done prior to this exhibition
Thank : My name is Thank Phongsakorn and you might know me from my previous work, as I was an actor before. My previous show was around 15 or 16 years ago. However throughout time, from a kid to an adult, before being a performer, I found interest in art and anything that I didn’t think of as doing my career. 
Being an artist in Thailand isn’t really successful, as many can’t afford to buy expensive materials or to sell their artwork. Right now, being an artist isn’t as bad as before, however, artists now have to focus more subject on their art to make sure they can sell. How do I explain this? The career of an artist isn’t the same as the past, artists now are able to create paintings that are different

WOOF PACK: Does this exhibition 'Out of The Darkness' have any meaning?
How did you come up with this title?

Thank : My sister was the one who came up with the title! In reality, the title does have its own meaning. For me, it’s the problems I’ve encountered in my life. If I was able to explain it in a way other people could relate, I would use love, like having a significant other, studying, working, family. People could have problems with their boyfriend/girlfriend and it would cause them to feel tired

Out of the Darkness

Thank : The word darkness is basically just darkness, and in our life, we encounter these said darkness and it makes us feel uncomfortable and other people aren’t able to see what we’re actually going through. I never saw darkness with my work, but darkness comes together with my own life, it adds its own element of darkness, such as dealing with family, doing work, and finding money.

When darkness combines with life, it becomes something that we can’t really solve on our own. Recently, I had an issue with love My sister suggested having an exhibition at WOOF PACK where I can show everyone what I loved doing ever since I was a kid. I never thought I’d have a career as an artist, however I did play one when I was an actor.

Out of the Darkness

WOOF PACK: What’s so special with oil painting?


Thank : What I like about oil painting is that it dries slow, and you’re able to add in more details. This is very suitable for an artist like me. I just take my time and concentrate and I can always come back later to add in more, because the paint hasn’t dried yet. With acrylic, you need to work quicker because the paint dries very fast. I like the finished product of oil paint because the colors are vibrant.

WOOF PACK: Last but not least, do you have anything to say for those interested in viewing Out of The Darkness?

 Thank : I want my art to just be viewed enjoyably, you don’t have to be “what is that”, “what’s the reason”, “why did he draw that”? I want them to know that this is what I love doing, and I feel like they’ll understand why I love this.

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