2008-2018 GIRLS : 10 Years of Luo Yang's Photography


GIRLS are intimate portraits of Chinese women Luo Yang meets in her private life. Through her images, she explores femininity and its place in contemporary China, captured raw, on film, in unstaged settings.

Recently included in the BBC’s 100 Women list as one of the most influential women in the world, Luo Yang creates work which is as much a personal diary as it is a constant search for answers and questions about her feminine identity through her subjects.

Underlying tensions and ambivalent emotions lend friction to Luo’s images and deny a conclusive reading. Her images are bold and upfront, intimate and sensitive at the same time.

On Dec 9th and 12th in Bangkok, a 10-year retrospective art exhibition of photographer Luo Yang’s GIRLS series will be co-curated by Chomwan Weeraworawit and RDX Offsite Francois Langella + Darkle). Presented by Moonduckling and produced by Annette Fausboll, Jean Alexandre Luciani and Julien Favre, it is the first of a solo exhibition of a multi-city show.


Gallery exhibition at WOOF PACK,
Opening reception Dec 12, 6.30PM onwards
Artist will be present

Exhibition period Dec 12-22,
10AM-6PM (Closed Mondays)