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Exihbition by Douglas Diaz

Love Poster

In ‘LOVE’, Douglas Diaz explores three specific aspects of love:

loving oneself, loving others and loving God. His quest to gain a comprehensive understanding of what defines love takes on a personal dimension. Utilising a series of writings and illustrations,

he dives into a series of intimate drawings that narrate

the coming of age of unrequited courtship.

Employing graphite against a black background, which appears to take on a metallic and often reflective quality, the perfect medium is achieved to explore the delicate balance realised by loving another - whether it be a friend, family member or partner.

Shifting scales in his large canvas work,

Douglas addresses the act of surrendering to the universe.

In this body of work, love becomes the language to bridge the understanding between ourselves and a high power.

And finally amidst the two dimensional work there are a series of small 3D pieces, created in collaboration with Pornruedee Boonyapan, that provide the most intimate and personal aspects of the show.

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