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Exhibition by Beam Musikaboonlert


Pakorn Musikaboonlert

Pakorn Musikaboonlert

Photographer and Music Composer for film and producer for artists and music directing for play and performances (1998-today). Composer and member of the band Siam Secret Service, Knock the Knock, and White Rose.



-Photography Exhibition “In-Tune” at Woofpack Gallery. (2019)

-Happening Magazine: Happening’ 60 Shots(2020)

-Portraits of Thai artists for Fly-Enters-Immense-Breath-of-the-SEA: Open Contemporary Art Center(OCAC), Taiwan

(Greater Taipei Biennial of Contemporary Arts, NTUA, Taiwan. (2020)

-Portraits of Imperishable Beauty. Photography cinema work at Hong Kong International Photography Festival. (2021) 

Music for film: 

-Music composer for the film “Vanishing Point” (2015), Tiger Award winner International Film Festival Rotterdam. 

-Music composer for “Anatomy of Time” (2021)

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