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A Flower Portrait Exhibition by Pakorn Musikaboonlert

Poster Impermanent

Im/permanent — A Flower Portrait Exhibition by Pakorn Musikaboonlert.

This exhibition is a culmination of numerous disciplines in the fields of Photography, Music, Meditation and Buddhism in the life of Pakorn ‘Beam’ Musikaboonlert. Unknowingly, the seed was planted 25 years ago, when he revived his mother’s wilting orchids. The exhilaration of successfully reviving these beautiful plants, observing their resilience and fragility embedded within him a profound sense of fulfillment. Pakorn flirted with this topic and the idea of plants in his first solo exhibition two years ago, now he explores this concept further in this latest show.

Pakorn’s formal training as a sound engineer, career as a musical composer and later as a photographer, likens the use of these technical aspects as an extension of himself. Whether recording sound on tape or visuals on film, Pakorn is rooted in the technical, using equipment to capture emotion, whether through music or photography. This exhibition has taken 2 years, 400 rolls of film and over 7000 photos to capture the fleeting moments of his floral subjects. Time is a constant throughout the exhibition. He invests his time in growing his subjects, personally connecting with the flowers and meticulously cataloguing their brief existence. He uses the equipment and printed medium, such as portraits of human subjects, to establish their impermanence and as a reminder everything within nature will one day cease to be.



Pakorn Musikaboonlert


Photographer and Music Composer for film and producer for artists and music directing for play and performances (1998-today). Composer and member of the band Siam Secret Service, Knock the Knock, and White Rose.



-Photography Exhibition “In-Tune” at Woofpack Gallery. (2019)

-Happening Magazine: Happening’ 60 Shots(2020)

-Portraits of Thai artists for Fly-Enters-Immense-Breath-of-the-SEA: Open Contemporary Art Center(OCAC), Taiwan

(Greater Taipei Biennial of Contemporary Arts, NTUA, Taiwan. (2020)

-Portraits of Imperishable Beauty. Photography cinema work at Hong Kong International Photography Festival. (2021) 

Music for film: 

-Music composer for the film “Vanishing Point” (2015), Tiger Award winner International Film Festival Rotterdam. 

-Music composer for “Anatomy of Time” (2021)

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